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40 Day Journey Participant

“I am grateful for Luisa becoming my coach and allowing me to gain new life experiences – with a new point of view on the rest of my life. With Luisa’s assistance I was able to see a new way of evaluating my past behaviors which needed an “adjustment”, a little bit of fine tuning. Luisa’s forty-day Challenge – an outlook which included a variety of in-depth questions, in a form of a weekly assignments that spanned over four weeks,  opened my eyes to the many unanswered questions I have had. I was able to get in touch with “myself” and the person I used to be. I had ‘lost’ myself in the past few years. I did not perform any form of “self-love”, which was the primary cause of my well-being and neglect.

With Luisa’s wonderful and caring ability to coach and guide me along the way, I was able to see where I needed to improve. My attitude was very negative and by substituting my negativity or lack of knowledge, I became aware of the negative thinking patterns that I had to change and realized this in the process of the short forty days. With Luisa’s coaching, I was able to recognize my faulty patterns.  I realized that a positive train of thought and dealing with challenges in a proactive way will improve every aspect of my life, instead of having to accept personal and mental defeat. Luisa’s strategy as a health and motivational coach included the power of prayer and daily motivational prayers, along with wonderful motivational speakers who shared their love of knowledge with us. Furthermore, the weekly fitness goals we set were easy to accomplish with Luisa as a coach who was always there to assist us. We worked out together on Wednesdays and Saturdays whenever it was possible for us to arrange.  We discussed healthy- clean eating.

For me, it is a start of a new lifestyle for me, which I embraced with enthusiasm. Having Luisa to guide me along the way was so easy to do and the transition was quick and fluid.  I must admit that having a Ninja blender was a wonderful addition to my new healthy lifestyle, thanks to Luisa. I love it and use it every day, the shakes we purchase from Beachbody are wonderful and the meals on this website are amazing. The selection from the vast variety of healthy meals and shakes to choose from are marvelous and easy to prepare, especially for anyone with a busy schedule.

Furthermore, Luisa’s uncanny ability to sense that when I need the extra motivation, she reached out to me and offered a kind ear to listen. My transformation to a new me is going well, I am eating healthy and take care of my mental as well as physical self. My selfcare is becoming my number one priority and I find myself enjoying the simple things in life that I have disregarded in the past few years, juggling multiple job descriptions on any given day. My faith has strengthened. I pray daily and feel more connected to God. I wish to Thank Luisa for a wonderful experience and the new outlook I have found in the last four weeks. Thank You Luisa for your help and I look forward to more of your coaching in the foreseeable future.”

40 Day Journey Participant

“Luisa’s 40 day challenge takes a wholistic approach to health and happiness. It is a unique program in its foundation of faith and trust in God paired with a focus on positive mindset. With Luisa’s program and coaching, you will reevaluate your self-talk, focus on positive affirmations, and set realistic goals. I really enjoyed the opportunity to listen to inspirational music, not only to solidify my relationship with God, but also as a way to press the reset button in those moments of overwhelm.

Luisa’s course materials also provided me with concrete tools to build a more positive mindset. Luisa tailored a workout to best suit my needs. She celebrated the incremental nutrition changes I made throughout the 40 days of the challenge. Her approach as a coach is very supportive. By meeting with participants weekly and providing links and resources before each meeting, Luisa sets you up for success. She leveraged the expertise of others by arranging guest speakers. In addition, she set up a group messenger chat for ongoing encouragement and was always available to answer questions, share tips, and celebrate each mini success along the way! The value of Luisa’s program surpassed my expectations! It was unlike anything else in which I’ve participated and was truly an incredible experience.”

What Others Are Saying About Luisa’s Inspiring Story

“Luisa – what a special human being you are. You have a very amazing name (same as my freaking awesome grandmother). To me Luisa is an angel and Blessing to many. Also, a warrior and compassionate being.  Thank you for sharing your story and lifting many! Wow, you have truly inspired me. It’s a matter of time that I too will Rise up and Shine for the LIGHT has come my way. Thank you!

God used you to speak the words into my heart and mind that I needed at this time. I was reading this morning and had a prompting in my spirit to pick up the phone and check Facebook. This was a Divine appointment between you and I so that I could read what God has done in your life. I’m blessed today and praying for you to be blessed. Thank you for your testimony and transparency. God’s light is shining through you. Thank you for sharing, beautifully written, powerful ,thought provoking with some big judges to my own inner battles. Don’t know if you are a hug sort of person but I just wanted to give you a huge hug after reading your story.”

“That is an incredible story of the glory of God. God has a way, many times it’s not our way, we just have to trust Him and have full faith that His will will be done. I am so grateful to you for sharing your story I can partly relate to it, and your incredible courage to take a step of faith to be in service to others. You are such a beautiful soul. I am sending you lots of love and blessings!”

“Thanks Luisa for the courage to do this. It takes lot of courage to share I tell you. Interestingly, I also believe 23 is special to me. April 23 is my birthday, got engaged April 23, married December 23, hoping I won’t end up having 23 kids . Your story really inspired me and the quotations too resonated with me. You know nothing tops that feeling of having the assurance of God’s presence especially when you feel all alone in your struggles. I believe I will be able to share my own experiences someday soon, but I am sure after this challenge, I am also rising. Thanks so much and congratulations on your journeys.”


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