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Educator, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Wellness Advocate

Luisa is an energetic and passionate woman, teacher, entrepreneur, and amazing mother of two children. She has been a successful French teacher for over 20 years. Her enthusiasm, and animated instruction style, has students motivated to learn and embrace the love of learning a second language. She is the owner of  an extremely successful Home Staging and Interior Design business. For over 10 years she has been transforming homes into beautiful and elegant spaces. Her achievements in this field are endless.

She has an unrivalled desire to learn and impart knowledge to others. Luisa has such a beautiful spirit, strong faith, and incredible positive energy. Over the past few years she has been using her knowledge and experience regarding health and wellness to educate others about the importance of loving ourselves. As a Certified Life Coach, she believes that true happiness is found when we overcome the past and emotional barriers that are preventing us from achieving fulfillment in our lives. She embraces everything she does with excellence. No matter what field it is, her commitment remains the same: to inspire, to love, and to motivate others.

Luisa’s Message To You:

I know I don’t know you, but I think I might know what you are feeling and this is why you are here exploring some options on how you can find purpose and true happiness. Do you have Fear, Stress, Anxiety, or Depression? I have struggled with this in my past. As a result of these negative attitudes and behaviours, I lacked the importance of consistently taking care of myself. 

After so much time investing in learning, reading, building my awareness about my feelings, there was still something that I wasn’t doing to fully overcome my challenges.  I would always say; “Yes, I know that! Yes I do that!  Yes I have heard that before!  However,  was I doing anything about it? NO!! I knew what I had to do, and I finally took the leap of faith to make it happen. Taking action with a level of excellence that was ultimately going to help me achieve my goals was the one key step to breaking the barriers and succeed in manifesting miraculously breakthroughs. 


Through a firm commitment to my faith, health, and personal growth, I have been able to overcome the negative limitations that were blocking my joy. This has transformed my thought process to: Acceptance, Love, Faith, & Hope. I believe that you have the capacity to transform your mind and overcome your challenges and use them as a vehicle to drive through the obstacles of today with strength, confidence, and resilience.  I encourage you to commit to loving God, to loving yourself, and forgiving yourself from the past. Today is a new day! An opportunity to embrace the process as it will help you let go of the old and receive all that God has for you.


Welcome! My name is Luisa Giaitzis. I have a variety of passions and strongly feel that God has gifted me with many talents so I can be a blessing to others and share His message of hope, love, and peace with others. I am a believer that through God all things are possible.

Want to chat? Message me to set up a time where we can share both of our stories and I can pray with you! I look forward to the opportunity!

Luisa’s Passions:


Ten years of hard work, dedication, tears, sacrifice, & trials, has led to my success building an award winning interior design and home staging company.  At Absolute Simplicity, we are devoted to offering quality service & a commitment towards exceptional work. Thank you for your support in helping me achieve this memorable milestone! Visit our website for more info.

Celebrate 10 Years of Absolute Simplicity


I have been an enthusiastic and animated Core French Teacher for over 20 years. I believe that it is critical to create an appreciation for the French language through constructive and engaging curriculum implementation while at the same time building fluency in oral communication! Therefore, I wrote a book that describes how the use of dramatic activity in the Core French classroom motivates students’ to learn and helps improve their oral communication skills.



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