If you are a woman who wants to feel more optimistic, confident, focused and empowered then you have come to the right place! I will help you breakthrough your limiting beliefs. I will encourage you and fuel you with the inspiration and energizing spirit you need to fulfill the plans you have for your life. I will teach you to love yourself by strengthening your mindset as well as your physical body and help you stay accountable for your goals. I will give you the tools you need to develop and strengthen your relationship with God. I will give you all the support, trust, and accountability you need to unleash the happiness that is within you.

Life Coaching, as a profession of love is to empower individuals to strengthen their physical bodies, solidify their spiritual relationship to God, and to brighten their path of renewal and transformation.

Rise Up & Shine: Your 40 Day Journey to Renewal

This 40 day course will give you the tools you need to build a strong foundation in God and to help you overcome the barriers and challenges you have in your physical, spiritual, and emotional life. As this program focuses on 3 topics: Faith, Health, & Mindset, you will begin to feel more focused, determined, and empowered to renew your mind, body, and soul. You will Rise Up and Shine and be all that God has called you to be.

If you are ready to take action, and begin a transformation in your life then register to Make it Happen!


Learning Objectives:

  • Faith: Develop a strong foundation & spiritual connection to God.
  • Health: Value & respect your body through fitness & nutrition.
  • Mindset: Put your past behind you & develop a positive outlook on life.

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Comprehensive 40 Page Program Workbook

Weekly In-Depth Discussion & Reflection

One to One Support Sessions

Meaningful Content from Guest Speakers

Fitness and Nutrition Program/Wellness Kit

Certificate of Completion

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The Secrets to Happiness: Rewiring Limiting Beliefs

It’s your natural state to be in joy, however it is often covered up by layers of limiting beliefs and programming. This course will give you the big picture so you can see all 6 of the secrets to happiness, which need to be addressed to achieve long lasting fulfillment. We will focus on Rewiring Limiting Beliefs. We will discuss the limitations that are blocking you from reaching your fullest potential and what you can do to overcome them.

If you are ready to unleash the happiness that is within you, then let’s work together and Make it Happen!


Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the beliefs & patterns you have that are causing your unhappiness & change them.
  • Identify the secrets to finding happiness by embracing your own true path to happiness and stop living in everyone else’s dreams.
  • Learn tools to help you anchor yourself by choosing your emotions and help you feel good in any moment.
  • The steps to forgiveness and exercises that will truly help you forgive and give you inner peace.

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Comprehensive 40 Page Workbook focusing on:

The 6 Layers of Limiting Beliefs:

1. Desire
2. Limiting Beliefs
3. Identity & Ego
4. Time (past/present/future)
5. Negative Patterns & Wires
6. Your current mood

The Power of Language


Certificate of Completion

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Write the Vision sss Workshop

It is very common for people to have dreams and aspiration that they wish achieve or pursue but there always seems to be limitations in the way, whether it’s work, family, money, or you simply can’t find the motivation to. This course will help you see a clear vision of your future and help you identify the goals you need to achieve to reach your final destination. We will also teach you how stay motivated while you’re working towards goals.

If you are ready to start mapping out your path to the future you dreamed of, then start running towards it and Make it Happen!


Learning Objectives:

  • Identify what you want to achieve in the long term and the steps you need to take to achieve it.
  • Set realistic goals for yourself that motivate you to keep working towards your overall goal
  • Learn to build a solid foundation to assist with achievement of future goals.
  • Identify your flaws and reflect on them and how you can improve upon them

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Comprehensive 40 Page Workbook focusing on:

How to identify what you really want through reflection

How to create a foundation for goal setting

Creating plans for your goals big and small

Staying motivated through your goals

Certificate of Completion

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Life Purpose Workshopsss

Asking about your own life purpose in this world is a difficult thing to question. This workshop will help you look into yourself as a person on a deeper level and help you discover your purpose in life. Whether big or small, we will focus on helping you learn to be more decisive in your daily life using a step by step process.

If you are ready to find your true calling in life today, then start working towards it today and Make it Happen!


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to eliminate limiting beliefs, and rewrite them to help you
  • Identify what makes you unique in comparison to others, such as skills and interests
  • Identify what truly matters to you and follow your heart
  • Find how you can work towards your life’s purpose

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Comprehensive 40 Page Workbook focusing on:

How to be more decisive

Identifying your life’s purpose big or small


Find meaning in the small things in life

Certificate of Completion

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Spring Into Happiness SSS


Have you set fitness goals and having a hard time achieving them? Do you need easy and simple recipes that your whole family will love? Are you feeling the weight of the world right now and looking for something different that will help redirect your thoughts?

Spring Into Happiness SSS


Spring into Happiness with my wellness guide that includes delicious and healthy recipes that are super easy to follow. Receive immune boosting tips, workout motivation, spring cleaning and renovation advice as well as goal setting worksheets and trackers.

All the content that will fuel your energy to “Make it Happen” in your Health, Mind, & Home is found in this e-book.

Grab your copy here and Spring into Happiness Today!

Use this link to access your FREE e-book.

Luisa Giaitzis sssssss


You can now book Luisa as a guest speaker at your conference!

Luisa is a dynamic keynote speaker, melding her expertise and life experiences with an enthusiastic and friendly presentation style.

Find out how Luisa’s message of hope and happiness can be part of your event.

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RESACON SSSSSSSSSSSSS vvvvvvvvv Guest-Speaking

Come see me at this years’ RESACON 2021 (Real Estate Staging Association Convention) as a guest speaker, where I will share my insight and secrets on happiness.

I will dive into the limiting beliefs that most people have and show you how to rewrite those beliefs to help you find happiness in life.

Learn to stop trying to live someone else’s dream and to start cultivating the tools you will need to chase you own dreams that leads to what brings you true happiness.

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